From Start to Finish!

Initial meeting and Brief:

When you contact us, an initial visit to your property is arranged. We will pop around and scan your home layout using our own measurement tools. During this visit, we listen to your requirements, advise on the best solutions, and discuss alternatives, planning and Structural perspective and work out approximate sizes of the proposal. Whilst doing the measurements we will make notes about your requirements and what you would like to achieve from your home development. We will make notes about minor internal to major alterations you wish to achieve in your house.

Confirmation of Instructions:

Once the appointment is confirmed, we will act as your agent to draw up the existing and proposed plans for your loft and extension.

Preliminary design layout for comments:

We have a quick turnaround time and you will see the architectural plans in your inbox.  At this stage you will be able to visualize the existing and proposed plans. You will be able to see in 2D drawings layout how your rooms and corridors and roofs will shape up to form a new and modern look.  You will be able to revise and amend through us any changes your wish.

Confirmation of proposal:

Once you are happy with the proposed plans, we will then prepare the full architectural drawings to be submitted for submission to the local authorities.

Managing council for you:

We will prepare drawings and all other requirements which includes floor plans, elevations, sections and Design and Access statement needed for planning and building control approval to the Local Authority.

We will liaise with the local authority on your behalf. We will respond and provide any information with regards to your application if asked and required by the planning and building regulation department during the course of application. We will ensure that all the required queries are answered to support your proposed development.

Building Regulation & Structural Calculations:

Our main aim is to develop a creative, structurally sound and strengthened layout of building of all sizes. We cater for all complexities of architectural projects. We develop effective and practical solutions for and challenging site layouts where it seems difficult to develop a solution. Our scope of work range from single storey extension to larger new builds construction including flats, residential and commercial properties. Our experience enjoys an ongoing list of repeat clients from homeowners to building contractors.

  • Once approval is received, you are in stage II and we will arrange Building regulations and Structural Calculations Drawings for the commencement of work.
  • Building Regulations drawings are essential to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings by providing functional requirements for building design and construction.
  • This drawing covers construction (such matters as structural stability, insulation, fire prevention and public health) and is required for virtually all building work.
  • Building owner, Builders and developers are required by law to obtain local building control authority approval or carrying out construction work under building notice, independent of Planning Permission.
  • We will also advise on any Party Wall that might need to be issued.

Party Wall Matters:

  • We extend our services to our clients in dealing with varied party wall matters for making it easy.   We can do negotiations on behalf of Building Owners (people carrying out the work) and Adjoining Owners (neighbours to the proposed site where work is taking place)
  • Acting as Building Owner’s party wall surveyor.
  • Acting as Adjoining Owner’s party wall surveyor.
  • Recording of the schedule of conditions
  • Publishing of Award.